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Our company carries out a continuous process of searching for brands that may be of interest to the market.

If you are looking for a specific product or brand that does not appear on the list, please contact us for more information.

CEDIMA: Machinery for cutting and drilling

Quality, efficiency and good technical service is the motto of Cedima, which has developed and distributed diamond tools and machinery for the construction industry since 1984.
The experience and qualification of the employees ensures a high quality of the products and machines, in terms of performance, reliability and efficiency.

WIRE: Cut with diamond wire

Diamond wire cutting is a process that consists of using "steel wire, normally wrapped in rubber, with diamond beads", in various diameters and lengths, impregnated with diamond powder, of different sizes to cut any type of material.

KERN DEUDIAM: Diamond tools

KERN – DEUDIAM Diamantwerkzeuge und Maschinen GmbH has been leading the manufacturers of diamond tools and machinery in Germany with international cooperation all over the world for more than 35 years, which has helped them to improve and expand their product range by expanding our own technology.

ONYX: Propane polishers

ONYX Solutions is a company dedicated to the manufacture of equipment and solutions for propane floors. It has a complete line of equipment for buffing, stripping and polishing.
Its machines stand out for being durable, reliable, productive and resistant to the passage of time.

About HTC Greyline: Polishers for surface preparation

HTC Sweden was founded in 1987 as a contracting company. The company soon began to engage in the development of new techniques and products. And to the manufacture and sale of complete floor polishing systems: polishers, diamond tools and accessories. In 1992 the first polishing machines were manufactured, built applying an own patent with a totally new concept. From […]

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DAZZINI: Wire cutting machines

DAZZINI manufactures and distributes a complete range of diamond wire cutting equipment for work in quarries, mainly. They are very simple, manageable and require minimal maintenance. Its main advantage is the compromise between safety and performance and continuous improvements in its electrical systems.

EURODIMA: Concrete drilling and cutting machines

EURODIMA Diamond Technologies designs, manufactures and markets a complete range of products for drilling and cutting concrete. Such as drilling rigs, drilling motors, wall cutting saws and diamond wire cutting machines. In addition to tools and diamond tools.

DIATIP: Repair of diamond discs and drill bits

DIATIP designs and manufactures equipment and accessories for the reassembly and repair of diamond drill bits and discs. Thanks to the DIATIP equipment, incidents such as the loss of segments in discs or the expense of the cutting area in drill bits do not imply production losses, nor an increase in expenses for urgent delivery.