Aper Diamond was born in 1994 with the aim of supplying companies with discs, drill bits and diamond wire of the best quality. Having exclusive rights to brands such as Cedima and Darda, they soon became suppliers to the pioneers of cutting and drilling concrete in Spain.

In 2004 it became part of the Anzeve group. Significant synergies are generated, Anzeve providing Aper Diamond with great market penetration and great customer service capacity for which they are recognized today.

At Aper Diamond we know the market and the challenges and difficulties it presents, therefore, we offer you the consumables and machinery for any situation and we help you get the most out of each job.

We select the best technology from around the world to ensure our clients the highest quality and the best results. Aper Diamond products are known for their quality and excellence, allowing you to get big jobs done quickly and efficiently.

The philosophy of our company is to go beyond the product, providing our clients with advice and continuous training. We want to help you, that's why we look for unique and personalized solutions to meet your needs.


Our main objective is to achieve a permanent improvement in our activities in order to provide a service that ensures delivery in a timely manner with its corresponding advice, technical support and subsequent after-sales service.