At APER DIAMOND we have a team made up of people specialized in machinery from different sectors and in all kinds of consumables for them. Our team is made up of qualified professionals who will help you throughout the process: from prior advice to know 100% of your needs, through the completion of the work and, finally, providing personalized attention.

At APER DIAMOND we have a single objective: total customer satisfaction. For this, the team is involved throughout the purchase process since our goal is to help you.

We like what we do and that is why we strive to find the best tools that help to be more productive and efficient. Likewise, the APER DIAMOND team is in constant training to know the market and offer the largest possible number of solutions. We look for suppliers that provide all kinds of tools to increase productivity in your work.

Another of our purposes is to get involved with your business by giving an immediate response to your needs. Any member of the staff can assist you personally, by phone 916 334 553, through the websites, or by email (, just contact us and tell us what you need!

In addition, at the APER DIAMOND facilities we have a large stock of consumables that you can have your order between 48 and 72 hours and give quick responses to needs.

We know that unforeseen events, complications or simply situations that we did not have planned may arise during field work. This is what APER DIAMOND is there for, to help.