Kern Deudiam and Anzeve present new products at BAUMA

Kern Deudiam bauma 19
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  • The German company Kern Deudiam has presented at Bauma a universal coupling -POLYGON tool free PQ6-, faster and more comfortable for drilling bits.
  • They also present other products such as a sintered wire, a diamond for cutting concrete with dry iron, new precut discs, RINGS segments and micro-percussion machines for small companies.

POLYGON tool free PQ6. A universal adapter

The main advantage of this connection is that coupling is easy and fast, although it has other virtues, such as quick connection and disconnection. Likewise, changing the drill bits is easier for the operator since it is not necessary to use wrenches to unscrew the coupling, nor is there a risk that the drill bit will become welded to the axis of the machine, as happens on countless occasions. On the other hand, its ergonomic design means that, during assembly and disassembly, the user, the machine and the drilling equipment are protected.
This socket has a hexagonal shape, so when the perforation is horizontal, the bit supports itself and allows the operator who is in charge of the perforation to have their hands free to screw and unscrew the bits more easily. Therefore, this tool will save the operator time and provide great comfort during his work.

On the other hand, it must be taken into account that this drill with quick connection is recommended to work with a maximum diameter of 350.

different possibilities
In order to adapt to the different needs, this adapter can be acquired in different ways, and even ask for PQ6 direct thread drills or obtain PQ6 connectors to couple to 1” 1/4 UNC machines so that the customer does not have to to change all your equipment. Finally, you can get PQ6 connectors at 1” 1/4 UNC or at M41 for the bits.

dot peen machines

They have developed innovative micropercussion machines, with very fast micropercussions that create a vacuum. The main benefit is that you can absorb drilling dust as you work so that this debris does not burn the bits.

They are designed for small companies, economical and with a lot of power to be able to work on both concrete and stone/masonry.

Diamond for drilling in concrete with dry iron

This segment has a special league to be able to drill iron-reinforced concrete dry so that the bit does not burn. This has been possible because the resistance of the diamond has been increased and the cutting speed has been improved.

Kern Deudiam has created this diamond UNIX2 to improve productivity in jobs where water cannot be used. It has a length of 300mm to cut concrete.

ring segments

These segments are precut discs for the Ring saw, whose measurements are 400mm, laser welded. The main feature is its universality for all kinds of hard materials. In addition, the hardness for concrete has been increased and now the segments have a higher cutting speed.

KFD 1200E slicer

This machine has automatic advance and has 15 Kw of power. It carries the "SPS" system developed by Siemens for what could be said to be the world's first "semi-intelligent" slicer. With this system, you can choose the cutting speed depending on the diameter of the disc that is needed.

It has a battery to be able to transport it easily and it has a double cut (both left and right), with two types of grip (25 and 60) on both sides of the plate. Another of the characteristics of this new machine is that it has lowering and forward speeds.