Commercial support

At APER DIAMOND we know that the chosen machine is just as important as knowing how to use it. For this reason, with your purchase, we will give you a free training course so that you learn to use the machinery, so that you are clear about the best work environments and we will specify the problems that may arise during the work you do. In other words, APER DIAMOND helps you get the most out of the machine.


At APER DIAMOND we have a large stock of consumables and spare and replacement parts. In this way, we can provide a quick and effective solution to your needs. Thanks to this stock, most orders take less than 36 hours to reach their destination, which makes it easier for you to have consumables available without complications.

Technical service

At APER DIAMOND we also have a technical service team that will be in charge of helping you in the after-sales process: from repairing machinery, passing the relevant reviews or even offering spare parts or spare parts.